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2018 Life Project Education Themed Modules

January 15-February 1: New Beginnings

Mindfulness education, connecting, and team building, in preparation for a new year. All enrolled students receive a comprehensive “Holistic Education Learner Profile” (2-week enrollment minimum) and our 2018 Home Mindfulness Manual.




February 5-March 23Cosmic Connections

A major principle of holistic education is nurturing a deep sense of the vastness of our universe, and our unique connectedness to and within it. Join us as we explore our infinite, mysterious universe beyond planet Earth and within us! Learn about interactions between celestial bodies, moon phases, constellations, the history of space exploration, space innovation, and QUANTUM PHYSICS for kids! Students will flip for this out-of-this-world, interconnected learning journey.

*Family Fellowship offered (see “train with us”). Enrollment/fellowship packages available!


March 26-March 30: Join us for our first ever partnership with Asomacao, a local NGO dedicated to the conservation and reintroduction of scarlet macaws to the Manuel Antonio community! Our week-long camp will focus on bird biology, the rain forest canopy, and conservation education. Our camp will culminate with a field trip to the Macaw Reserve at Gaia Hotel where we will observe the project first hand!



April 9-May 31Culture, Civilization, Community

Our children’s journey with holistic education principles expands as we find deeper identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, world civilizations, and components of culture and diversity. Students will participate in a project-based learning challenge in which they will creatively design their own sustainable communities complete with alternative economies, language systems, belief systems, geography, and culture. Join us in our final presentation, our annual Cultural Festival, May 31.

*Family Fellowship offered (see “train with us”). Enrollment/fellowship packages available!


June 4-July 27: Sloth Conservation

*This module includes an additional camp fee

Join us in our partnership with The Sloth Institute as we support their efforts to raise awareness about sloth conservation in our community and internationally. Students explore holistic principles such as humanitarian values, advocacy, and civic responsibility while studying Costa Rica’s famously irresistible masked cuties!. As an Advisory Board Member for The Sloth Institute, Life Project Education founder Alys Robinson proudly commits to advancing conservation and guiding children through hands-on conservation work.

*Family Fellowship offered (see “train with us”). Enrollment/fellowship packages available!



August 1-August 31: Pura Vida Costa Rica!

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica! We invite you to join us for a rich an immersive cultural journey in the land of Pura Vida! Children will learn Latin American geography, Costa Rican history, receive additional Spanish language classes, traditional Latin Dance and cooking, and participate in our national sport- FUTBOL!  Students will enjoy preparing for and celebrating Costa Rican holidays that fall within this module:  Independence Day, National Children’s Day and Mother’s Day!




November 5-November 30Tortuga Team! 

*This module includes an additional camp fee

Perhaps our most popular module, scheduled during the height of turtle nesting and hatching season in the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Partnering with Matapalo Turtle Conservation, children will discover what it means to be a true wildlife ambassador for critically endangered species. As they work alongside marine specialists, students will study marine ecosytems and species, conservation , and will undoubtedly never forget the moment they cradle a newly hatched baby sea turtle, releasing it back to the wild.  Join us for this once in a lifetime world schooling adventure!

*Family Fellowship offered (see “train with us”). Enrollment/fellowship packages available!

December 3-21Celebrating Success

Join us as we reflect and celebrate our success this school year! Visiting students will participate in all of our celebratory festivities and receive honorary Life Project graduate certificates as they share the stage with our local children.







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