2017 Module Calendar


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Hearts On Fire: Jan 16th -Feb 22 

Exploring the power of our hearts through mindfulness. Students will learn what it means to be present, meditation strategies and activities, yoga, calming strategies through breath work, daily gratitude practices, self-reflection, self-regulation, & emotional regulation. We will be exploring different virtues through a variety of fun activities and lessons. Such as: kindness, compassion, gratitude, trust, respect, peace, integrity, and love. This module sets the tone for the school year to build healthy personal and inter-personal relationships and expectations.


Power Earth: March 1st- April 14th

Explore the power of our Earth! We will discover various natural phenomena around the world such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis! This will be a very hands on module with science labs, frequent exploration of our natural elements, multiple fun and explosive projects, and various activities that will foster a love and respect for our amazing planet. This module will culminate with a school field trip to a real Costa Rican volcano on April 15th!


Festival of Arts: April 18th- June 1st

This is one of our most popular modules! For 6 weeks we explore various arts, cultures, traditions, and music from around the globe. Students participate in hands-on creative art workshops inspired by various cultures, along with research and discussion of various traditional practices and influences on artistic expression. This module culminates with our favorite “Festival of Arts” performance and celebration open to the community. Students will have their art on display and perform various dances, songs, and live art demonstrations for the community to view.


Ecoliteracy: June 5 – July 28

June 26-June 30: School Closure

How do we protect the planet? For 7 weeks, we will dive deep into conservation education through various lessons and activities. Students will learn about the problems our planet is facing and what we can do about them. Previous Ecoliteracy modules have included: organic home and body product making, building a school garden and compost, starting a community wide campaign to ban plastic bags, organic and sustainable food choices and food making, hosting a community organic farmer’s market, monkey conservation, rainforest ecology and conservation, and much more. This is a very rich and dynamic unit with many hands on projects that truly foster a love for our planet and a deeply embedded sense to protect it. Students walk away from this unit, crowned as official “Earth Guardians”.


Latin American Studies: July 31-September 15

For 6 weeks we will explore Latin American studies. We will learn about various Latin American cultures, food, traditions, history, art, and celebrations. We will spend focused time learning about Costa Rican social studies, it’s rich history, traditions, people, and culture. September 15th is Costa Rican Independence Day where students will participate in an annual town parade dressed in traditional Costa Rican outfits for the celebration. As well as make traditional lanterns (“faroles”) to be lit and released with the community the night before the parade. A truly rich and unique cultural experience!



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Invitation to Invent!: September 18-October 31

Calling all inventors! During this module, we will turn into designers, builders, engineers, and inventors! We will explore various ways of inventing through building structural and natural designs. Students will participate in multiple hands on projects and will be challenged to invent their very own structure with guidance from mentors. Students will also explore new green technologies for natural and sustainable buildings, materials, and structures. Students will learn engineering, mathematics, design, geometry, blueprint drawing, building, sustainability, renewable energy, and creative inventing.




Turtle Conservation: Oct 30th -Nov 30th

Tortuga Team! For the month of November we partner with a local sea turtle conservation group, Tortugas de Matapalo. We will spend four weeks researching, studying, and learning about sea turtles. Students will learn why sea turtles are endangered, the biggest threat to them in Costa Rica, and what we can do about it as a community. This module culminates with a baby sea turtle release where students will hold and release a newly hatched baby sea turtle into the ocean! Students will also hold an educational booth at the event to inform the community about turtle conservation efforts and action. A truly unforgettable experience!



Celebration of Success: Dec 4th- Dec 15th

This short module will wrap up our school year and culminate with a community graduation ceremony on December 15th. We will reflect and remember all that we have learned and done over the year. Students will put together portfolios and writing assignments of their highlights and biggest take aways from the 2017 school year to be presented at graduation. This is a time for all of us to reflect and set intentions for the new year!

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