Visiting Student Enrollment Options 

Life Project Education welcomes World Schoolers, Un-Schoolers, Road Schoolers as well as visiting local and international students into our learning community, as space permits. We offer integration into our school day for children ages 4-12 and Junior Internships for students ages 13-17.

Please contact us to design a schedule that works for your family while visiting Manuel Antonio.

Email: lifeprojected@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not sure of my family’s daily schedule and plans. Do you have flexible enrollment options during our stay in Manuel Antonio?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate your unique family needs while you are visiting Manuel Antonio. We offer half day or hourly options if you do not wish to enroll your children for the full days or weeks. We respect your families time while experiencing a new country and honor adventure time, beach time, and family days you wish to not have your children at school. Just send us an email and we can create a unique plan to fit your family.

Do you have accommodations for children under the age of 4? 

We currently are unable to accommodate children under the age of 4. However, we do have a local bilingual preschool that we partner with and highly recommend for traveling families with children under 4 years old.

Do you offer programs for children over 12 years of age?

Yes! Our brand new Junior Internship program allows older children an opportunity to gain leadership experience while learning alongside our mentors, students, and specialist. Junior Internships are completely customizable depending on your child’s age, interest, and learning goals. All Junior Interns receive a certification of hours completed, opportunities for community service and/or conservation work, and a formal letter of recommendation upon completion.

Does my child need to know Spanish to attend school?

Absolutely not! The majority of our students speak both languages and are very sensitive to making visiting friends’ feel comfortable. Our students transition in and out of each language fluently throughout the day to each other. We also provide 60 mins of instruction in Spanish per day to all age groups, and Mathematics and Physical Education are also taught in Spanish. If your child is new to Spanish we have a private Spanish lesson option available to them while the other students are being instructed in Spanish. 

Do you offer on-site living accommodations?

We have two housing options for on-site rentals via Airbnb. However, availability is limited, especially during high season (Jan-June). We are happy to provide a list of nearby hotels, vacation rentals, and other housing options to match your family’s needs. 

We guarantee a transformational, rejuvenating, and educational experience for everyone involved. Experience the magic of Costa Rica for the whole family! 

Email us to get started! 


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