Local Programs

★ Early Years Program, Ages 4-6


Unlike the traditional, widespread existing paradigm of pre-school and kindergarten programs which emphasize rapid skill acquisition, our program nurtures the organic unfolding of a child’s curiosity about the world.

Based on a wealth of research in neuroscience and child development, Life Project Education’s child-centered, early-learning program nurtures a lifelong joy of learning and natural skills progression through social play-based activities, diverse learning centers, exploration of the natural world, and collaboration with multi-age peers.

Our small group dynamic of 5-7 children supported by two full time bilingual teachers, fosters strong connection, facilitates individualized support, and maintains an intimate learning environment. A blend of curriculum is integrated including Waldorf methodologies, Global Village School curriculum,  project-based learning, and Ministry of Education-approved curriculum for Spanish and national Social Studies.


★    Middle Years Program, ages 7-12

Our alternative “middle years” program serves local full-time and visiting children in grades 2-6 or ages 7-12. Families have an option to enroll children in our accredited program in partnership with Global Village School, or enroll in our Independent Study program, in which students receive mentoring in their own home school program.

With the guidance of our passionate mentor team, older children begin transforming joys into deeper passions and learn how to turn their passions into purposeful life work through our Life Project curriculum.

Our small group dynamic assures our older students receive individualized attention and support in all content areas. We welcome traveling students and our local full-time students are eager to host, teach, and learn from new friends around the world.


Bilingual Education

Our bilingual curriculum and staff nurture “simultaneous bilingualism” within our young local children, most of whom have been exposed to two or more languages since birth. Daily exposure and opportunities to use and learn both English and Spanish equally, encourages and honors our children’s natural language acquisition. Our curriculum includes Spanish literacy, Spanish Social Studies, Mathematics, and weekly movement classes taught in Spanish.

Non-local, visiting children are immersed in a language-rich environment, experiencing and acquiring both English and Spanish socially through play and adult modeling.

Private Spanish instruction is also available.

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