Meditation & Our Mindfulness Project

Next week is our first day of school and we couldn’t be more excited about our first 6 week topic:  mindfulness.

MACLEANS-MEDITATION-05.23.14-TORONTO, ON: Grade 3 students at the Dewson Street Junior Public School attend a meditation class called "Area 33." The class is run by Phys-Ed teacher Mary-Ann Kowal in an effort to promote relaxation and self reflection in a world where children are often over-managed and being told what to do on a constant basis. Photograph by Cole Garside

We will be teaching our students about recognizing and appreciating our self, healthy techniques of expression, understanding and regulating emotion by responding instead of reacting, comprehending what it means to be present, and setting intentions on things we desire in our lives.
Further, we will be learning about the power of meditation and what a tool it can be. For example, the addition of meditation into one San Fransisco troubled school boosted attendance by 98%, lowered the suspension rate by 79% and even significantly boosted GPA.
Research continues to show us the positive impact meditation can have and so it is our priority to teach it to the future generation.
Keep an eye out for photos, videos and updates on our project.  If you’d like to learn more about how your child can become a part of one, give us a quick shout:
We’d love for you to join us in the paradise that is Costa Rica.
Pura Vida!
Photograph by Cole Garside
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  1. Madison Baltodano says:

    This is so great. So excited that Maya gets to learn in such a wonderful and supportive environment.

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