Who We Are

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Life ProjectED is a grassroots movement to change standardized education through the utilization of a project- based, student-centered, holistic teaching model that incorporates various research based pedagogies along with individualized pathways to optimize the child’s learning experience.

Life Project Education was founded on the principle that every child deserves a high-quality, high-interest, relevant, and dynamic system of support to optimize their development and opportunities as global citizens.

Integration of learning models and theories such as Waldorf, Montessori, place-based learning, holistic education, and project-based learning allow children to achieve full-potential lives with our loving support team. We seek to empower not only our enrolled students, but entire family units and thus, the larger community.

Instruction is not disconnected and isolated,  driven by tests, politics, nor corporate curriculum; it is mindfully driven by heart, authenticity, and joy. This is our mission.


We provide multiple learning curriculum with an emphasis on wellness, conservation education, nutrition, mindfulness, self-awareness, creative expression, & much more!

It is our mission to foster conscious, global-minded citizens who will be equipped to creatively solve the problems facing the world, become self-reliant, & find harmony & peace within themselves & their communities. 

We are more than just a community school; we are a whole system of dynamic support. We offer many diverse services to our community’s local children and families including occupational therapy, yoga, nutrition and wellness plans, tri-lingual education, student-managed conscious business, sustainable agriculture and ecology programs, social responsibility, organic plant-based cooking, private English, Spanish, and Hebrew lessons, and opportunities for visiting international children to integrate and learn with and from our local students. We are also interested in mobile teaching, bringing our unique programs to families and businesses throughout Costa Rica and the world!

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