Our Philosophies

The Life Project Mission

Life Project Education is a grassroots holistic education program committed to nurturing conscious, globally-minded citizens, equipped to confidently and creatively solve authentic problems, achieve self-reliance, and reside in inner harmony, peace, and connection to community and our planet.

We believe a holistic approach to early childhood education is the optimal way for our children to achieve the deepest joy, passion, and authentic purpose they, and all humans deserve in life. We believe children carry infinite and profound curiosities, capacities, and creativities. Our intention is to hold space for, protect, and nurture the precious light burning within our children, and advocate for their right to an educational journey that will never threaten to extinguish their flames.


Our Inspirations12931023_848972281879980_1700786829180211952_n


Integration of learning models and theories based on neuroscience, child development, and basic human ethics have inspired the evolution of our student-centered program. We are committed to methodologies that honor the profound significance of childhood with integrity and curriculum designed with an understanding of a children’s natural rhythms, biology, and humanity.  Our holistic, project-based pedagogy is flexible and inspired by educational revolutionaries such as Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Sri Krishnamurti, and Sir Ken Robinson. Instruction is not disconnected and isolated, driven by tests, politics, nor corporate curriculum; it is mindfully driven by heart, authenticity, and pure joy. 

This is our mission.

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